Have Questions? Here are your Answers.

This all sounds great, but I can’t afford it.

I get it, it’s hard to justify spending on what seems like an “extra”. I felt the same way. And then I realized spending on a coach was making me money. It wasn’t a cost, it was an investment that was paying off. Sometimes you just can’t afford not to.

But I don’t have the time?

I understand how busy you are and try to not take too much of your time. One we get going we’ll save you time by taking things off your plate. And of course you’ll have lots more time once we get your business running more smoothly.

Can’t I just figure this all out by myself?

Of course you can. And you will. But you’ll make mistakes along the way that will cost you time and money. It’s better to learn from my mistakes. And, while I take care of some areas of your business you have more time to add your unique touch to aspect of your business that you are passionate about.

My store is awesome, why do I need your help?

I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing retailers, and they’ve all found they have benefited from a fresh perspective. You can’t be an expert on everything and a fresh set of eyes can discover opportunities and solutions you may not see. You will also benefit from my knowledge of the latest ideas in marketing and retail. After all, even a top athlete has a coach!

So how are you going to help me?

That depends on what you’re needs are. We’ll start by seeing where you are in your business and what you feel you most need to fix. Together we’ll figure out what to tackle first, set out a timeline and make that the contract.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable sharing my business information.

Everything you share will be kept strictly confidential. Before we begin, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement to make sure you are comfortable sharing information.

How can you help me if you don't know my industry?

I will spend time with you to understand what’s unique about your type of retail. But the basics of retail are true across  all types of retail. 

What if it’s not working for me?

No worries. You can cancel our services at any time.

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