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Running a Retail Store Keeps Getting Tougher and Tougher

On-line competition, staffing headaches, rents through the roof. It’s getting harder and harder to be a retailer.

By booking a No-Qualms presentation you will give your retailers new insights and fresh approaches that will help them navigate these challenges.

Gilbert of No Qualms will connect with your audience because he’s been there. With over thirty years experience in retail, he’s been through it all, from near bankruptcy to blistering growth.

He can address your audience’s pain points and present solutions that will make their store run more smoothly, more profitably and give them the peace of mind they deserve.

Why Book Gilbert to Speak?

He will engage your audience

Gilbert can connect to your audience because he knows retail. He’s been there, he knows their pain. Your audience will know that the solutions he’s presenting will actually work in their shops.

He will educate your audience

As an experienced retail coach, Gilbert will tap into the best retail training presentations in the world. These presentations have been enjoyed and proven helpful to countless retailers from around the world.

He will entertain your audience

Gilbert’s speeches are full of anecdotes about life in the retail trenches that will entertain and engage your attendees.

How it works

No Qualms Retail Presentation

We can help you in 3 easy steps.

1- Book a consultation and let’s figure out what presentation will best fit the needs of your audience.

2- We’ll research your industry, speak to key players and tailor the presentation to your group. We will provide you with a synopsis of the presentation as well as materials to use in your marketing.

3- We’ll entertain and educate your audience and help make your event one to remember.

Don’t let your members become retail statistics.

Retail keeps getting tougher and tougher. More stores are closing everyday. Your retailers are working harder and harder just to keep up.

By booking a presentation with us you will give them the tools and actionable steps they need to run their stores more profitably.

Let’s make your event one to remember. Let’s give them a presentation that will make a difference in their business.

empty hangers from out of business store

We can help. All it takes is a short conversation.

What you get when you book Gilbert as a speaker:

An experienced, knowledgeable presenter

A speaker who is up to date on the latest retail and marketing trends

Presentations that are proven to work for retailers

A presentation adapted to your industry

Solutions that work for all size of retailers

Presentations that are within your budget

Have Question? We have Answers.

When you book a  presentation with Gilbert, you are booking proven content. Hundreds of retailers have successfully used Gilbert’s tips and tactics.

All presentations come in 90 minute and three hour formats. Although not preferable,

presentations can be reduced to an hour.

No. Retailers today need more than a motivational speaker. Yes, your attendees will be motivated, but the will be motivated to apply what they have learned.

A presentation can be prepared to cover other topics. Let’s discuss what you think your attendees need and come up with a presentation tailored for your group.

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